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Turn on Your Heat

Winter will arrive very soon and now is the time to start thinking about winterizing your home. Fort Leavenworth Frontier Heritage Communities would like to request that all residents turn on their heating systems to verify that they are in working order. The thermostat should remain switched to heat while temps are at or below 55 degrees.

For detailed information on switching your thermostat from A/C to heat, please see page 3.
Change Air Filters Air filters should be changed as needed during high usage, filters should be replaced once a month. By changing air filters regularly, the heating and air conditioning units will work more efficiently. Air filters are available at the Maintenance Office located at 800 W. Warehouse Road, near the stables. However, housing areas with collapsible, pleated filters should place work orders for filter replacement (913) 651-3838.
Check Smoke Detectors
Smoke detector batteries should also be checked once a month to verify they are in working order and batteries are
charged. If a malfunction has occurred with your smoke detector, please contact the Maintenance Office immediately
to schedule a work order.
Prevent Pipes from Freezing
To prevent freezing pipes please remember to drain and disconnect garden hoses and outside hose connections. If
freezing temperatures are predicted remember to let a steady drip of water run from the highest faucet in the house.
Also leave cabinet doors open so room heat can reach the pipes. Don’t set your thermostat below 55 degrees if you
leave your home for a few days, try to have a friend stop by to check in. If a pipe does burst, knowing how to turn
off your home’s water supply quickly will minimize damage to the home. It is a good idea to find the water shut off
valve. Feel free to ask a maintenance technician to help locate the shut off during his next visit.
Check for Drafts
Check all exterior doors for any air leakage. If you feel a draft or daylight is visible to you, new weather stripping
may be needed. Weather stripping plays a big factor in energy conservation by keeping warm air inside and cold air
outside. Contact the FLFHC Maintenance Department at (913) 651-3838 to schedule an appointment if you believe
that new weather stripping is needed in your home.